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Rici Witt

poet, author & illustrator

Rici Witt was born in Sydney, Australia in the mid 1960s.  One of five children born to an ex-sailor and registered nurse, she describes her childhood as content if somewhat noisy.  A proud 2nd generation Australian, Rici is happy to embrace her cultural heritage, an ethnic mix of French, Scottish, English and German.  

An Honours graduate with a passion for music, culture and  philosophy, Rici enjoys both writing and graphic design.  Other areas of interest include poetry, history, anthropology, science and the supernatural.

An avid traveller, Rici has spent many years living and working abroad.  Her favourite haunts include New York, London and the Scottish Highlands.  She currently resides in Queensland, Australia. 

Rici is a former member of the Australian Society of Authors; the Society of Book Illustrators; and a current member of the Australian Poetic Society.

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Featured Poem - Editor's Choice

The Garden
Tending a garden of pure potential
How the caterpillar has grown
Crawling from your silent skin
How you've blossomed on your own
Dancing across the lawn
As the butterflies applaud
Tumbling to the ground
Your smile a sweet reward
Golden rays of happiness, the dust
It sparkles in the sun
Glory in the everyday, silky
Memories delicately spun
Rici Witt

The Naked Soul: an anthology of verse
Buttermoth Press, Australia (2006, 2009)

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